The Application Process


Entrepreneurs will submit an Executive Summary including financial data, the investment request and other funding documents to After connecting with WSA you may be requested to submit an investor PowerPoint presentation and any other supporting documents. WSA principals will review your documents and will contact you with feedback, as well as, notice to whether or not your company has been passed to the screening committee.

WSA respects your time and effort in what is a thorough application process. Neither application nor review is a guarantee of funding. Please ensure you have also read our detailed Investment Criteria page before applying for funding.

Initial Review

WSA selection team will perform an initial screening of the application to ensure it is within our scope of interest. If you pass the initial review stage, you will be invited to present at a pre-screening telephone interview. After the call the selection team will contact you with feedback as well as notice to whether or not your company will get the opportunity to pitch.

Initial Due Diligence

An initial due diligence team is formed consisting of selection team and interested investors. A deal lead will step forward to coordinate the due diligence activities. Due diligence consists of verifying representations by the entrepreneur, speaking with customers, reviewing agreements and patents (if any), checking references, backgrounds, etc.

Angel Investor Meeting

The pitch will occur roughly in 1-2 weeks after the screening telephone interview. Typically, three companies present at the investor meeting. This consists of 15 minutes of PowerPoint presentation and 15 minutes of questions and answers. After all the presentations are over, WSA members discuss whether there is enough interest to move forward into a deeper round of due diligence and funding. A member of the selection committee will contact you with feedback after the pitch meeting if you were selected to move to deeper due diligence.


Members invest in deals individually; however, everyone invests based upon the same term sheet. Thus, only a small percentage of members need to participate for the venture to secure funding from WSA

Contact Information


    All qualified investors interested in applying for membership must have a nomination by an existing member and meet the SEC definition of an accredited investor. We are looking for active participants who can add value to the organization through strategic expertise. There are no geographic limitations. All investors interested in becoming a West Suburban Angel will be contacted by the Director of Membership. After review, the Director will reach out to you regarding your membership status. Thank you for your interest.