Our Investment Criteria

Industry Focus:

Companies interested in working with WSA must operate within our members’ areas of expertise, which include:

  • Innovative information technology
  • Business services
  • Industrial technology
  • Financial services
  • Consumer or industrial products
  • Healthcare services or technology

Investment Targets:

  • Initial investment size of up to $1 million
  • Early-stage or early-growth companies
  • Strong management team
  • Large or rapidly growing market
  • Proprietary or innovative product or service that has a scalable business model
  • Market-ready platform technology or product

Geographical Preference:

  • Based in Midwest (preferably Chicago-land)
Companies wishing to apply for funding must first adhere to the following criteria:
  1. The company’s headquarters must be located in the Midwest.
  2. The venture should be looking to raise up to $1 million.
  3. The management team is financially vested in the venture and has expertise within the market of the venture.
  4. The company differentiates itself from competitors with a clear competitive advantage.
  5. The company has a market-ready platform technology or product or a service offering that is past initial launch.
  6. The company addresses a high-growth market (20% CAGR minimum) or a large market with a demonstrated strategy to obtain market share.

If you have questions about whether your business fits our investment strategy, please contact us. If you would like to apply for funding, please click here.


All investors interested in applying for membership must have a nomination from an existing member and meet the SEC definition of an accredited investor. We are looking for active participants who can add value to the organization through strategic expertise. There are no geographic limitations. All investors interested in becoming a West Suburban Angel must apply through the gust membership application platform Here . After review, the membership committee will reach out to you regarding your membership status. Thank you for your interest